Team Work 


• Values contribution of others whoever they are.
• Provides support in all directions (peers, reports, own manager, external stakeholders).
• Ensure the one FRG value of teamwork & collaboration in peers, direct reports filters down through their functions.
• Creates an environment where different cultures, levels and options are accepted & values.



• Ownership of change and driving others to change.
• Cascades vision & strategy in a way that make this clear to
everyone in their departments, inspires & engages others.
• Communicates transparently & ensures information is properly cascaded and shared.
• Provides frequent constructive feedback, praise & recognition.
• Provide a motivational environment.
• Coaches people & have a development plan.
• Ownership of change and driving others to change.

Results Driven 


• Set goals, targets & creates energy around achieving the target.
• Continually and relentlessly manages delivery of results.
• Works in a disciplined way prioritizing to get results.
• Has a ‘Yes and’ not a ‘No but’ mindset and engenders this in others.
• Consistent works to create credible & reliable image for FRG both internally and externally that inspires confidence.

Passion For Service 


• Listen & respond positively to customer needs.
• Is able to listen to and understand the needs of stakeholders
to create the irresistible FRG experience for all who into contact with
their department.
• Develops and uses methods, processes, and systems that make it easy to do business with FRG. “Creative”
• Consider what others’ needs are and works to satisfy these within the team, and with customers whether internal or external.



• Accomplish tasks properly according to guidelines & follow principles.
• The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.