Ecco suistainbility

ECCO also allows external parties to evaluate environmental improvement in its tanneries. A key result is that the industry’s Leather Working Group has awarded gold ratings to all ECCO units.

ECCO considers environmental issues in the development of all its business strategies. ECCO analyses the environmental impact of its products. In these ways, ECCO’s Senior Management is committed to ensuring that the best possible protection of the environment is deeply embedded in the company’s culture. ECCO will always meet and, when possible, exceed all applicable legal requirements. Therefore, ECCO will constantly work to reduce its environmental impact and seek to be a leader in optimizing the use of raw materials, minimizing the use of natural resources, energy, and water, increasing the use of renewable energy sources, increasing recycling, and reducing waste. ECCO is committed to developing new and more environmental-friendly procedures. ECCO converts conventional lighting to LED lighting and installs solar-powered outdoor lights, works with timers on air conditioners, lights, and roof fan, uses automatic stop systems on many machines, installs water-saving mechanisms and water-recycling systems, optimizes air compressor systems and reuses waste heat from compressors to heat factory halls, installs solar panels, and in all units has installed fully computerized monitoring systems to monitor energy use.

ECCO produces biogas to reduce natural gas consumption and has developed new processes to reduce water usage.

One of the new systems, Dri-Tan, will save over 20 million liters of water in one tannery only annually, and new innovative processes are being developed to further reduce water usage and chemical consumption.

ECCO wants every employee to think about ways to protect the environment, but also demands its suppliers to operate to exact environmental standards. ECCO carries out comprehensive energy screenings in all production units, using external auditors.